Joaqpro77 blogs Day 13 Slice of Life

Hola Todos (hi in Spanish) my post for Day 13 of slice of life starts now. First of all go down hit the FOLLOW button and leave a comment down in the comment section. I will respond to every comment I can. Let’s start with the blog.

Today I woke up very sick. I was lying in bed with a lot of pain and crying. My mom was leaving for Medellin but when she saw me she said “Luisa, he has to go with me”. After the school coordinator, Jordi, gave permission for me to leave everyone helped me pack my bags and I left with my mom.

I was very sick on the plane and I vomited. When the plane landed we had to call a wheelchair because I could not stand up. We left the airport and went home. We changed clothes and we went to the clinic.

At the clinic they took a blood sample and hydrated me with serum. I was at the clinic for at least six hours. After that they let me go home.

At home I drank a lot of Gatorade and then I fell asleep.

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