Joaqpro77 Blogs Day 14 Slice of Life

Hola Todos (hi in Spanish) my post for Day 14 of slice of life starts now. First of all go down hit the FOLLOW button and leave a comment down in the comment section. I will respond to every comment I can. Let’s start with the blog.

Today I was very sick in the morning, I had lots of fever and a lot of stomach ache. I had to drink lots of gatorade and stay in bed, Gatorade helps because it hidrates and has minerals. 2 hours later I finally got up and went to eat. At 12:00 I go to lunch and I was very cold so I put 2 sweaters, 1 pair of socks and a snow hat. After I go to sleep with every thing I had on and 2 blankets and a heater. when I woke up I was sweating and I was really dehydrated I run to the shower (even when I had a head ache) and get in cold water. Then I had a pretty normal day.

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